The ultimate guide for buying your next phone

When you buy a phone there are things that should be taken into consideration that are more important than others. You should first and foremost think about the price but you should also think about the quality of the device. But there are other things as well such as the features you want your phone to have as well as the brand and the design. All these 5 things have different importance. While some consider the quality the most important, others choose a phone based on the price. No matter what you value when buying a new phone, this guide will help you to navigate through all the offers that there are.

The price

It is mentioned first because phones that are not within price reach are unfortunately not an option. But luckily there are phones for every price range.

The price of a phone can differ from a few hundred dollars to over thousands depending on the brand and quality of the device. The more you spend on your phone generally means higher quality components and materials used in building it. The quality of a phone is dependent on the components used in the manufacturing process. Lower quality phones will have lower quality parts that will cause it to break quicker than a high quality phone. However, there are still great budget phones available. That is possible because more and more new brands release phones which relaxes the market. Mostly asian, these phone brands offer a nice cost/performance ratio.

To find a price range that suits you check your income and how much you can miss. But also compare offers to be sure you do not spend more than necessary.

The quality

As smartphone users, we all want to have the next best thing. But sometimes the next best thing is not necessarily the best for you. For that reason we created a thorough guide for buying your next phone. The quality of phones matter but often quality is expensive so decide before what level you need to avoid paying for extras you don't use.

It can happen that things you pay for are things you do not need. For example if you do not take many photos with your phone you do not need to pay for top notch camera performance.

So, decide what things you want to use your phone for and set a quality level that fits it. For example if you need your phone primarily to check social media and use messenger services you do not need to pay extra for the best speakers a phone can have. Mediocre ones will do.

The features

When buying a smartphone it is important to consider what you really need from the phone. For example, should you go for a phone with more processing power or one with a better camera? The priority of the features is going to depend on the type of user you are. If you are looking for a phone to play games or surf the Internet you might need a Snapdragon 845 chip inside your phone. However, if you like taking pictures or capturing videos, you might want to consider an iPhone XS.

We have been thinking about how we can help people make sense of complex arrays of features so they can choose and buy their ideal phone. With this in mind, we have developed the widget. This is a revolutionary widget that enables you to compare the features of any two phones in an easy manner.

Using this widget, users can now find their ideal phone within 10 seconds by comparing two phones and not be deluged with technical specifications.

Before you use the widget you should think about how important which feature is and also which features are definitely necessary compared to the ones that are just a nice addition.

The brand

The brand of your phone is very important because some brands put extra effort into making a better functioning mobile device. However, when choosing a smartphone brand it is easy to start looking at your current brand and then expand to other brands as well. It is also good to know that no-name phone brands are worth considering. They usually offer good prices for more than acceptable quality. So don’t worry if you do not end up with a Samsung or Apple phone. There are more great brands than those two, so make sure to check them out.

The design

We get it, phones look the same. There doesn’t seem to be much differentiation among the latest flagship smartphones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a phone that’s right for you.

The design of a phone can tell you something about its robustness for example. Also different colors allow for a little individualisation. Then think about phone accessories like cases. If you want a certain one, make sure the phone design fits the case.

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