The best phones of 2023 for every budget

Do you want a new phone but don’t want to pay a lot of money? Than we have good news for you! Samsung, Apple and other manufacturers are launching a new device almost every week. And nowadays it’s possible to buy one of these phones on installments or without identity check!

Most common problems of an old phone

Everyone has experienced the problems of an older smartphone. Not enough memory to store your favorite photo’s and it takes ages to load the Facebook app. Sounds familiar? Than this is probably the right time to invest in a brand new smartphone.

Dead battery

Another problem with an old phone is the battery. After a while the battery discharges way too quickly because the new software and the apps take up all the power. If there are running to many apps in de background, the battery will last for only a couple of hours. So if you want to get the most out of your battery you can only run a few apps at the same time and turn them off immediately when you’re done using it. Luckily the new phones come with the best batteries so you can use all the apps you want the whole day, without stressing about charging the battery.

Of course it’s possible to still use your old phone, but you do have to settle in with less. For example you may not be able to use the most modern apps, because your phone doesn’t have the right software. And besides that you have to limit yourself to the most important apps, because you probably won’t have enough storage capacity to store all the apps you want. If this sounds like a problem than you should consider buying in a new one.

Contract VS financing

When you decided that you want a new phone, there’s one question left: which provider? If you’re happy with your current provider you can keep it that way, but budget wise it’s smart to also check out the other providers and their contracts.

The (dis)advantages of a contract

Most contracts with a smartphone usually have a minimum term. This way the companies finance the smartphone. Even though these contracts may look like a good deal, you often end up paying more instead of buying the phone directly.

Besides that, the minimum term can be a greater disadvantage. Because there are so many providers on the market, it is a matter of time before a cheaper contract will pop up. And with a minimum term contract you can’t switch easily. That’s why you should never choose for a contract with a term of more than two years.

Of course these kinds of contracts also have some advantages. For example you don’t have to worry about anything. You will get your new phone immediately which is already registered on the line. And when the contract ends, you can easily choose a new phone.

The (dis)advantages of financing

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, you should finance your new phone. This way you’re able to have the latest smartphone and the cheapest provider. How? It’s simple. You can choose a contract which can be canceled on a monthly basis. This way you can easily change to another provider when a cheaper contract pops up.

But there’s also a downside. Most latest smartphones costs a few hundred euros, so financing these models can have a term of a year. This means that if you don’t want to open a second contract, your dependent on this smartphone for at least a year.

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