Apple or Android, which one to choose?

Apple or Android is a widely discussed question where nearly everyone has an opinion about it. As both are great it really depends on your needs and perception. We listed differences and advantages for Apple and Android phones so you have an easy decision.


Apple: Apple has a very classic design that everyone recognises. So if you want to use your phone as an IT piece, choosing Apple might be obvious. The classic black design that later got expanded to metallic colors is really a nice eye-catcher. Also, Apple phones have a sleek design. The simplistic but yet sophisticated design convinces Apple lovers again and again.

Android: As Android phones come from several different brands you can choose between several different designs. It must be noted however, that most Android phones also follow Apple's design choice. But generally speaking Android phones come in more colors and appearances. So if you do not want to follow the trend an Android phone is the choice.


Apple: Apple’s hardware is very specific. No AUX ports anymore and no physical home button for example. And until recently Apple had their own charging system which luckily got replaced by the USB C system. Overall the quality of Apple products is high. Screens and cameras are designed so that they don’t break easily with special materials.

Android: The hardware of Android phones differs. Some still have AUX ports and a home button or at least one of those. In case you do not want to go with technological changes that quickly, Android phones have your back, as there will always be options that are close to your current phone. So if you don't have a completely new phone to which you really need to get used to, Android phones are your choice.


Apple: IOS is an outstanding software. It comes in 40 languages and with its own internet browser. Trough software updates the battery life expands because Apple does not produce bigger batteries
Android: Android is also an outstanding software system and is available in more than 100 languages. Software updates also help to expand the battery life here, but Android phone producers usually also optimize on the hardware regarding that.

There are differences, but since both softwares are great, the choice is probably made due to other features.

Product fit

Apple: Apple phones are perfectly compatible with each other. But they also connect without any issues to other Apple products such as the Apple watch or the iPad. It is this compatibility that Apple users value. Also back then before whatsapp video calls were established Apple’s facetime was a real advantage for Apple users. Today the iCloud service facilitates sharing photos and videos among Apple users.

Android: Android is easily connectable to any phone/laptop/tablet brand excpt to Apple. So mixing products is not advisable, but still doable of course. While many android phone producers also produce laptops or iWatches Apple does not have that tremendous headstart regarding compatibility anymore.


So in short it really depends on your needs. If you do not want to have many options to choose from, Apple is there. But if you want more design and price options you should consider Android phones. If you already have Apple products, joining the iPhone lovers makes sense, otherwise sticking to Android is advisable.

But no matter what you choose you will adjust to the other one very fast. Even though it might not seem like it. So check out Apple and Android phones.

Posted 2 years ago

Author MyIdealPhone