Many people trade in their old smartphone for a new one - Here is why

Why should you overpay when you can actually save money? In this article we give free tips to get the best smartphone deals. The deals can differ per day, it is useful to regularly check what is available. Don't miss the deals, continue down further.

How can I compare prices of mobile phones?

Always compare the price with the same product from other stores. Through tricks that retailers use, a discount can appear more favorable than it actually is. You regularly see that the discount is calculated compared to the recommended retail price, which makes the discount seem much higher than it really is.

How can I check the price history?

Stores can raise their prices in the run-up to a major discount promotion, only to come up with 'spectacular' price drops on the day itself. Keep an eye on the price history of products via Pricewatch websites or similar options. How the price progresses over a longer period gives a clear picture of the actual discount.

What is the cheapest price for my new phone?

If you only compare the prices via comparison sites, it is possible that you will miss a cashback discount or checkout discount.

With a cashback discount you will receive a part back into your bank account after purchase. Check all providers in advance if they also happen to offer a cashback discount.

With a checkout discount, an extra discount is applied specifically to the your choosen product in the store. A handy way to look for checkout discounts is to quickly click on all web stores and see if they also have a checkout discount.

How should I keep an eye out for offers?

It differs per store when they have offers. A regular discount you all know is the Black Friday discount. Also the Cyber Monday discounts as online pendant to in store discounts are commonly known. Nearly all stores participate in those. But there can be other discounts as well.

Most stores already announce their Black Friday offers in the days before. If you can't find the deal you're looking for, wait until Black Friday actually starts. During Black Friday you have the most choice, so wait a bit until the final decision. If you could not score your deal on Black Friday, Cyber Monday has your back!

A free mobile phone?

Sometimes phones are offered for free on second-hand sites. It is therefore a good idea to keep an eye on these sites if you have little or no budget for a new phone. With new subscriptions, it sometimes looks like you are getting a free mobile phone, but in reality you are just paying for it!Some parents also give children a mobile phone as a gift. It doesn't cost anything for them either. Would you like a nice new mobile phone? Then go ahead.

Extra tip

A new phone does not always have to cost what you pay for it. Do you still have a telephone or old telephone accessories that become redundant when purchasing a new telephone? In that case, you can sell these via ebay, social media, etc. You will be surprised how quickly you get some money for your old stuff. If you sold your old phone, case and charger for 75 dollars, you can deduct this from the price of your new phone.

Example: If a new phone costs 400 dollars and you can sell the current device+chargers and accessories for 75 dollars, the cost price of your new device is only 400 - 75 dollars = 325 dollars!


In short, if there is a nice phone available for a good price and you can still get some for your old phone, why not get a new one. Check the offers regularly and use this article to make a better choice. Good luck with your new phone purchase.

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Posted 2 years ago

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