Smartphones for the elderly

Smartphones are not only for calling anymore these days. This, for sure, is not a surprise for you. But what might be a surprise is that many senior citizens do not have a phone that supports what they want. Often seniors have a phone you can call someone with. But actually, they also want to receive pictures, be included in family group chats, and play online games. So, phones for the elderly do not necessarily mean not have a cool phone with many functions.

Of course, some senior citizens want a simple phone. One where the options to click on the wrong button are limited. One that works intuitively. One on which they can read everything properly. Because many people want that, senior phones evolved. While in the beginning, senior phones did not have internet access many do these days. So, even if you know someone who already has a senior phone or if you are that person, read this article, because maybe it is time for a new and better one.

What is a phone for the elderly?

Phones for senior citizens are smartphones that are designed for the needs of that generation. That means that the display shows bigger than normal text and app icons. Many phones for the elderly still offer hardware with actual buttons, not a touch screen. Another common feature is an SOS button on the back for critical situations.

But there are also touch screen phones these days that are designed for seniors. The upside of them is that they are a lot cheaper compared to regular smartphones. That is because no high-tech components are used, which would just be unnecessary and expensive.

For the older population, one of the biggest advantages of a smartphone is that it is easy to use. Many manufacturers deliberately remove or limit some functions in order to make the screen or even the whole phone larger, making it easier for older people to read text on the screen, for example.

Moreover, the larger devices tend to be easier to hold. This is especially important for seniors who have difficulty grasping, despite their aging hands. In addition, the displays are designed with high contrast, which improves the legibility of the letters, including those that might be harder to see due to poor eyesight. Many models have a powerful loudspeaker: the ring tones can also be turned up on a smartphone for those who have trouble hearing.

Why should I get one?

The attitude of my grandma is really “Why should I get one? I live very well without one. Also, I have a telephone in the hallway so you can call anytime...well except I am not at home” If you have the same attitude or maybe your parents or grandparents have then this is for you.

A smartphone adds pleasure to daily life activities. It makes it easy to stay in contact with friends. Also, it connects you to the younger generation.

A smartphone makes it so easy to check the weather report for example. If you like you can also play games on it. You can also read a newspaper on it if you have a touch screen model. Then you can stay up to date about family group chats where everyone shares nice pictures and updates.

Besides the nice things, a senior phone can help you and your loved ones in critical situations as well. The previously introduced SOS button is one reason for that. Another one is that loved ones like to call and check-in. Having your smartphone next to you while watching TV you can pick it up in no time.

3 phones you should check out

UNIWA Unlocked Cell Phone 3G

This phone still has buttons to press and no touchscreen. This is convenient as these buttons are big while the screen is also big. The battery lasts for up to 8 days when the phone activity is low. To charge it one places it into a charging port. So no need to find the small port on the phone with the small cable. With the phone, you can access the internet if you opt for a plan that supports that. It even has a camera but only with 0.3 MP which is very low. So if you need a phone for taking good pictures this one should not be your choice. But overall, starting at 60$ this is a good phone.

BLU Advance 5.2

This touchscreen phone starting from 75$ is a nice phone for seniors who want a bit more. The 13 MP camera and the 16MP selfie camera make this phone a good option for everyone who wants to take many pictures. The software also supports this with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. It also has the option to increase the storage capacity up to 64GB. It runs on android and has a full HD screen.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

A phone for active people, as the name tells you already. That is because the phone comes with Samsung health apps with which you can track your diet and exercise if you want. Also, a heart rate monitor is included. The high-tech components lead to a slightly higher price of 160$ but are worth it if you like to have an up-to-date phone. The phone is designed to endure so it is dustproof and water-resistant. Also, its backside is made to survive falls. The 16MP camera takes nice pictures, but it does not have a selfie camera.

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