How to turn your phone into a fashion accessory

We have our phone with us everyday. We use it constantly and if we don’t use it, it is still visible on the table. For some of us it is therefore important to have a visually appealing phone. Others take a step further and want their phone to be a fashion accessory. And why not actually? It is fun to give your phone a makeover and it also looks nice so you have a smile on your face whenever you use it.

Turning your phone into a fashion accessory does not need to be expensive thanks to DIY techniques and videos. But of course you can throw as much money at it as you want. Whatever you prefer, this blog post takes an entertaining angle in how to turn your phone into a fashion accessory. So let’s dive into it!

Make it look neat

Before you give your phone a makeover, make it look neat. Clean it with a moist microfiber towel or if you have glasses you can use those cleaning supplies as well. Apart from giving your phone the fist small upgrade with this you finally have a sanitized and clean phone again. Be honest, you have not done that in a while, at least I can tell you that it has been ages since I cleaned my phone.

Next, you might want to consider repairing your broken display. If you are one of those lucky people who did not already smash their display just jump to the next point. But if you also suffer from a cracked display maybe it is time now to repair it. It gives your phone a new look. If you don’t want to repair it that is fine as well. But maybe you want to put on a new protection glass because that also gives your phone a better look.

Now that the phone is really ready for the makeover, decide what you want to do with it. You have so many options. Do you want your phone to have a nice case? Or do you want to wear your phone like a stylish cross body bag? Do you want to make it more practical or do you want to give it an individual and creative touch? Maybe you even want to do all of them.

A beautiful case

A beautiful phone case is candy to the eye. There are several options. Many online sites let you design your own phone case. You can print a picture on it or you can have your name written on it. You can also choose one of the general styles like a nice floral print but also more abstract options are out there. You can also choose to keep it classic with just a one colour case. Those are cheaply available in many stores.

When you want to keep it to a minimum design wise you can also just choose for a cool material, like wood. Wood cases or recycled PVC cases are a real trend these days and they are free from environmental concerns.

You can also start a small DIY project where you buy a transparent case and dive into pinterest. You can paint it or glue things on it.

Carry your phone like a bag

Apart from looking super hip this is also super handy. Since you grab your phone every 10 minutes probably having it read is a benefit. There are two options to carry your phone like a cross body bag. The first is the minimalistic one: Buy a phone case with a cord. Circle back to the previous paragraph on phone cases to choose a phone case that suits you. We do not recommend too much DIY activity because if the cord is too loose you might risk that your phone rips off easily and falls on the ground. And then you are back to the make it look neat section where you have to repair the cracked screen.

The second option is to buy a tiny bag in which your phone fits perfectly. This adds a little extra protection to the phone. Also these actual phone bags often have a small space for cards and a little money.

I want a practical phone

Yes, I got it. Here are your options. Choose a phone case that also holds your cards. If you want that but keep it minimalistic you can also buy one of those stickers that you put on the back with space of one or two cards. Choose a phone case that is more than a phone case, for example one that has a bottle opener integrated or little repairing tools. Choose a pop-grip so you can grip your phone tight without getting tired hands. This is also great if you like watching videos on your phone because it stands nicely on any table.

Give it an individual and creative touch

You can give your phone an individual and creative touch if you start little DIY projects. Spend an afternoon with friends and design your own phone cases. Design them with pen and paper and start your DIY at home or use online tools and order a personalised phone case. Imagine you collected stickers as a kid. Grab them and get creative. Also paint and a brush are a good start. Dried flowers and glitter anyone? Or just a simple picture of a memorable moment.

See how easy it is to give your phone a makeover and make it a fashion accessory? Apart from looking amazing your phone is also extra protected with a good case and finally deep clean again. You can start the process with a few dollars already but if you can also spend as much as you want. For example just buy a flip phone, that is a real eye catcher. Joking apart, have fun with this great activity that you can also do with your friends!

Posted 2 years ago

Author MyIdealPhone