Best Smartphones for work

Smartphones serve so many needs. If you want to use it to support you working you probably need certain features. A big screen, long battery life and a strong processor is what you need. Depending on your profession and tasks you might also want a good camera or a phone that works with a pen, also called “stylus”.

You might think now that these features are nice to have in general and you are right! So even though you do not need your phone for work this post is relevant for you. Let’s now dive into each feature and look at it from the work side as well as the pleasure side. With those new insights you can search and compare phones on MyIdealPhone even more effectively.

Big screen

Imagine your boss needs something important from you within the next hour but you do not have your laptop ready. A big screen will facilitate that task enormously. Also, the big screen supports your eyes. That is reason number one to have it. Next, it makes reading email easier. The split-screen function can also be utilized optimally with a big screen.

Especially for people who commute regularly, a phone with a big screen is worth it. You don’t need to have your laptop ready in the train or bus but your phone does the job.

And also if you do not need a good phone for work. A big screen makes watching Netflix a pleasure. Also gamers like big screens.

With all those advantages also comes one thing to keep in mind. Do not choose a phone that is too big for your hands. If you do that you might experience pain in your fingers at the end of a long day. So make sure to have a good balance.

Long battery life

Let's be honest here, smartphones are power hungry. They do everything from calling, texting and taking pictures to surf the web and check the weather. It is a pity that your smartphone is not as powerful as your laptop, which can work all day long without a single charge. This is why a long battery life is so critical. For people who use their phones to work this is of extra importance since your phone should be able to replace your laptop for a couple of hours every day.

But also if you just want a good smartphone in general, a long battery life comes in handy. Even if the desired phone does not have a ultra long battery life, it can still be a great phone for work if it supports power charging. Power chargers are getting better and better. so make sure to have a recent phone because older phones might not support power charging.

Strong processor

A good processor is important because you switch tabs often and you need to do things simultaneously. With a strong processor, there is no lag and the phone is ready for whatever comes next. Processors have also gotten so fast that they can handle almost anything that you throw at them. Many phones today cost upwards of $700, but the processor is one component that shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially if you need your phone to work.

If you want a phone that does not need to handle working on it, the processor can be a tradeoff feature. But of course, the better the processor the better the phone. If you like playing games on your phone a good processor is still needed.

At the moment, the finest mobile processor is Apple’s A14 Bionic which powers iPhone 12 Lineup. The second in line is the Snapdragon 888 followed by Samsung’s Exynos 2100, A13 Bionic, and Kirin 9000.

What else?

Apart from those things that any phone that supports your working should have, certain features might be needed in addition. If you need to take photos for your job a good phone camera is essential. It can replace the analog camera that you might use at the moment. Taking photos might be essential more often than you think. Not only if taking photos is part of your job like when you are a blogger. Also a good camera supports you when you have to share paper documents digitally quickly.

A pen might also come in handy. The Samsung Galaxy Note line phones all have this pen, calles “stylus”. With a pen you can take handwritten notes which comes in handy in many situations. Also the Samsung pens are a remote for doing a presentation or taking pictures.


In conclusion the features that make a phone suitable for working on it are helpful also in general. A big screen, a long battery life and a strong processor are nice to have in any situation but in a working situation they are essential. Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note line for phones that are specifically designed to have your back in a working context. If those seem too expensive also check out the OnePlus and Xiaomi phones.

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