Phone Back-up tips for IOS and Android

Read this NOW and save the trouble in case, god forbid, you ever lose your phone or break it. It’s likely that you’ve broken or lost your phone at some point. The best advice we can give is to be prepared. Even if you’ve never lost or broken your phone before, you are very lucky. But the chance of future disappointment still exists. The best way to prepare is to have as much data saved both locally on a non-connected device as well as saved in the cloud.

You want to have your data stored somewhere safe because when losing or breaking your smartphone, there's also the possibility that you could lose valuable data.

But not only in that case. It is also recommended to back-up your phone before doing a major software update. The update, no matter if IOS or Android tells you before you proceed that nothing should happen to your data but you can never be too safe so back it up first. Since you probably do updates regularly you also have back-ups regularly which comes in handy if something goes wrong.

IOS Back-up

If you have an iPhone, the simplest way is to use iCloud. It's quick and easy - and here is how to do it:

1) In the settings on your phone go to “your Name” and then “iCloud” and “iCloud backup”

2) Activate it

3) If you click on “backup now” you can do a backup by hand

If you have done step 2 successfully your phone will back-up all the data on a daily basis. iCloud takes care of your pictures, videos, calendar, contacts and reminders.

Apple provides every iPhone owner with 5GB of free cloud storage. As you might know, 5GB is not much. Especially for people who take a lot of images or videos, or who store lots of music. Luckily Apple offers upgrading options for little money. Let me tell you, you can get 50GB additional storage for just $1 per month.

To upgrade to more storage, go to the iCloud menu under Settings and select “Manage Storage”. From there, you'll see the different subscription plans.

To sign up for an iCloud account, you must have an Apple ID. Create one by entering your email address and password, then follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll have the option to sign up for iCloud when you set up your iPhone and iPad, or later in Settings.

In addition to iCloud, you can also back-up your phone with your Laptop. No matter if it is a MacBook or not. Just plug in your phone on your laptop. Use iTunes for this or the “Finder” option on your Mac.

Android Back-up

With a Google Account, your Android phone automatically saves your contacts. The same goes for your emails in Gmail and documents in Google Drive. Also your Google calendar and photos in Google Photos are backed up.

When you get a new Android phone, just log into your Google Account and your new phone will have all your stuff. The only additional setup you’ll have to worry about is downloading your old apps. Your Google Account will remember what apps you used, but the apps themselves may not remember your information unless they are saving your data on their own. So make sure to also back up Apps regularly, for example, whatsapp. Apps usually also have automatic back-up options where you only have to activate it once.

Compared to IOS Android does not automatically back-up your photos unless you use the app Google Photos. That is a small gap in the otherwise well-established back-up scheme. But now that you know it you can download the app and save all your pictures and videos.

Log back in on a new phone

One of the biggest chores when getting a new phone is logging back in everything. Fortunately, there are password managers that can help, and that will keep you safe through the normal conditions. Be aware that you need to have set up a password manager before you lose your phone. Since you cannot know when that might happen, start setting one up today.

Most of the apps on your previous iPhone or Android should sync with your new phone when you log into your Apple or Google account. When you go to the App Store or Google Play Store on a new device, they should make the connection. The apps that require you to create an account with a login will contain your old records because they’ve been saved to the web.

Now that you know what to do, start making a back-up today. You will thank me at some point!

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